Lighting Design Rentals in Burbank and LA

Lighting Design

The VOLT LITES Team uniquely designs each project to reflect clearly the vision and message of the client. Bringing ideas to life in a way that leaves a profound impression on all audiences is our goal.

Lighting Rentals in in Burbank and LA


VOLT LITES purchases the latest in lighting technology to rent to our clients. This includes LED Fixtures, Automated Lighting Fixtures, Conventional Lights, Specialty Lighting, Lighting Consoles, Dimming Systems, and TV/Cinema Fixtures. We replace every fixture we own every two years to maintain an inventory of the finest production gear.

Lighting Programming rental in Burbank and LA


VOLT LITES’ programmers have the expertise and knowledge of both the latest and classic fixtures used today.



To continue to have the highest quality gear in our warehouse, VOLT not only performs routine maintenance on the equipment, but turns around the gear every two years, so that what we sell is relatively new, of high quality and completely operational.