• Ayrton Mistral

    Volt Lites has recently made a purchase of Ayrton’s latest LED Spot fixture the Mistral. Check out our sizzle video featuring some of the amazing qualities this light has to offer. Feature-rich from the factory, MISTRAL™TC includes a CMY colour mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a seven-position…

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  • Volt Van

    Volt Lites is proud to introduce the first vehicle to our Fleet. After months of planning the build out, we’re excited to help expedite quality equipment and service to our clients. Come over and check it out anytime, and if you see us on the road @instagram or Facebook us…

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  • The Arrival of The Voice Promos

    The new season of The Voice is arriving on Sept. 19 with two new stars and Volt Lites helped kick off the fun! With brilliant Lighting Direction by Volt’s Harrison Lippman, we would like to thank every one involved in creating a reveal that is exciting audiences around the globe! Check out…

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  • Seacoast Grace Church Holiday Concert Series

    Now that everyone has woken up from their “holidaze,” we would like to shine some light on a great organization, The Seacoast Grace Church. We were happy to provide support to their annual holiday show series with our dear friend and fellow lighting designer, Brandon Bakuwel. Brandon’s ideas stemmed from functionality and fun.…

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  • MA Lighting at Volt Lites

    A wise man once said: “If you can work an MA console, you’ll have a job for the rest of your life.” Well lucky for you, Volt agrees with that statement. We have a plethora of MA Lighting products both for rent and for sale. Our inventory includes: Grand MA2…

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  • Festival of Lites, Volt Style

    On December 15th and 16th, Volt decided to mix holiday cheer with our excitement about all the incredible new gear debuting this year. So after much deliberation on how to decorate the Volt office—decorate a standard Christmas tree OR create a Christmas Tree out of GLP’s X4 Atoms, drizzle it…

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