Seacoast Grace Church Holiday Concert Series

Now that everyone has woken up from their “holidaze,” we would like to shine some light on a great organization, The Seacoast Grace Church. We were happy to provide support to their annual holiday show series with our dear friend and fellow lighting designer, Brandon Bakuwel.

Brandon’s ideas stemmed from functionality and fun. The design was meant to feature fixtures that could cover the wide range of genres within the show and give the church some flavorful new design elements that the audience has never seen before.

With all the stage design elements (a large santa workshop, ice skating rink, 15 christmas trees), there was not a lot of power left on the stage floor. To create a lighting rig that functioned along those limitations, Brandon used impression X4s and Sharpys that have relatively low power consumption. After a few design tweaks, Brandon was able to power all the fixtures on the floor with limited circuits.

And in Brandon’s words, “ I can’t say enough how great it is to rent from you guys. The gear shows up for load in right on time, the gear feels like it’s brand new, everything is labeled clearly and organized neatly, and I never had any problems with anything, but it was clear that if I did, the Volt Team was just a phone call away to handle it quickly. You guys definitely have found a repeat customer.  10/10.”

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