Christina Perri 2014

Design Concept: Playing off of Christina Perri’s new single “Burning Gold” we set out to create an environment that brought the rich tones of her new music. Utilizing 48 custom A-Lamps on varying height poles we created a forest of tungsten light that spans the width of the stage.  The light pipes were painted a glossy white to allow us to side light them with Impression X4.

Filling in on the floor we utilized Varilite 3k Spots and Impression X4. Colorforce 48’s uplit a custom made curtain complete with twinkle lights.  We also upgraded Christina’s Piano by installing LED RGB and Cool/Warm White tape from GLP. The white tape fills in Christina’s Face when she is at the piano, allowing us to drop out her follow spot at moments.


Lighting Designers – Cory FitzGerald, Matthew Shimamoto
Lighting Programmer – Matthew Shimamoto
Lighting Director – Nate Files
Production Manager – Adam Jackson
Tour Manager – JB Blot


Lighting – PRG, Volt Lites
Trucking – RoadShow


(4) Varilite 3000 Spots
(16) GLP Impression X4
(7) ChromaQ ColorForce 48 RGBA
(4) 2 Light Mole
(4) 4 Light Mole
(48) 75w A Lamps
(2) Doug Fleenor 24 way Dimmer
(1) ETC Sensor CEM+ 24 Way
(1) MA GrandMA2 Light
(1) MA NPU

Lighting & Production Designer- Cory Fitzgerald & Matt Shimamoto
Tour Lighting Director- Nate Files