LDI 2015 – GLP Booth

Design Concept:

Our design concept for the GLP Booth at LDI was inspired by James Turell. The impression X4 bar series has a very clean defined flat beam that can play off the geometric style that James Turell displays in his iconic work. Our idea was to create an environment for guests to come a see a plethora of new products that GLP was debuting while maintaining their undivided attention. Thus, we put the viewer inside a black box cut off from the show floor experience. The challenge with LDI is keeping the attention span of the viewer and make them feel as though their time is well spent watching the show. Creating a detachment from the show floor, we were able to showcase GLP’s debuted products unlike any other. We were honored to receive the award for Best Display of Product with our dear friends at GLP.

Lighting Design and Direction by Matt Shimamoto
Programming by Nate Files

Special thanks to Mark & GLP!!