Tim Tebow Super Bowl Commercial

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Commercial 2014

Volt Lites was contacted to provide the lighting solutions for the T-Mobile’s 2014 Superbowl Commercial featuring Tim Tebow. There were two scenes that needed the Volt touch.  One scene required us to come up with a concert lighting design featuring Tim as a 80’s Rockstar.  This big rock look wouldn’t be complete without a “Kiss inspired” Tebow sign.  Volt supported the sign with a plethora of automated lights including, Impression X4’s, Sharpy Beams, Moles, Vipers and a MA2 Full w/ NPU’s to drive the rig. For the second scene we needed to make Tim look like he was on the Moon.  Utilizing large film lights and automated fixtures we were able to create a cold dark environment for our moon look.